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Energy Body

How Stressed Are you…REALLY?

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Energy Body

Do you feel like you are walking around with a cloud of family trauma that rains on every part of your life?

Do you experience life through a filter of anxiety, defensiveness, or anger? Would you like to be free of these shackles?

Perhaps you are struggling with a recurring pattern of depression, or anger that you can’t seem to kick.  Or maybe you feel like you are becoming like your mother … and not in the good ways.

Your struggles might not actually be yours.

Every human has an electromagnetic field called a biofield around them that extends anywhere from five to thirty feet out from their physical body.

Sometimes, stuck areas called perturbations create stress that affects the physical body.  Often, they are not even our own: they are “inherited” from our family lines.

It’s like generational noise that affects the healthy function of our entire being. It can affect us so we are susceptible to such conditions as hyperelectrosensitivity, or social anxiety.

You can bring harmony to those stuck places and move on from them!

Are you ready to release these chains?


Let’s do this!