Stop. Talking. And. Moving.

By Esteal Streaker /December 10, 2019

Stop. Talking. And. Moving.

Have you ever wanted to do this to your kids? Just duck tape them into stillness?

I REALLY hope you have never actually acted on the impulse. Every parent has had one of THOSE DAYS. I did chase a child around trying to duck tape that mouth shut. It didn’t go over very well. But most of us are good parents, right? We won’t just hang the children by their toes over the edge of a bridge, no matter how
much we might want to.

So, I’m going to ask an uncomfortable question. Why do we do this to ourselves?

Now, I’m not talking about necessary prescription medications that we need to stay alive. I am
talking about how we tell our bodies to Stop Talking.

What is it for you?

  • The feeling in your stomach that you have a ball of…don’t know what…just hanging out in there.
    Or the headache you have every week.
  • Maybe it’s the alternating bathroom fiascos…as if your body has a problem with moderation in the toilet one way or the other.
  • Or do you hurt everywhere?
  • Are you hiding food or drink from your family, in strange places, like behind the shower cleaner, or in
    your sock drawer?
  • Are you tired of subsisting on TUMS?

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to do something about this? Let’s start listening drugstore, and stop duck taping our bodies.

Our bodies don’t tell us what needs work until it simply doesn’t work anymore. And then, we bandaid it shut, so we don’t have