Do you look like this…

By Esteal Streaker /November 3, 2019


Or more like this…?


I guess that depends on how much you have nourished yourself, how much you have released that which doesn’t serve you anymore, and how much you move.

Now, I’m not talking about what most people think of when they see the word “movement”. You know, going to the gym, sweating like there is no tomorrow, lifting your body weight in weights, running through the city streets in bitter cold like Rocky Balboa …(although if that’s your favorite movement, more power to you!)

I’m talking about the really subtle stuff, movement that moves the part of you that is energy.

Isn’t that what we are all made of? I mean, doesn’t science tell us that we are mostly made of energy? That’s what is inside our cells, right?
If you are living, you are moving, even when you are meditating, or sleeping, or resting. And living tissue
creates heat and movement when it is brought close to other living tissue.
I’ll be discussing this, and demonstrating the Armor of God Movement Meditation Series at Alleluia Church
in Naperville on Friday, November 9th, for their Grand Chocolate Party event. Now, I was there last year, and
this event is fantastic. Those people at Alleluia Church know how to put together a chocolate party. OMG. I
have never seen so much chocolate. So, if you love chocolate, you should go. Here’s the link for you to
register. You know, even if it is just for the chocolate. But stay for the Movement class I’m doing. And bring
some friends. I promise you will learn new tools to help you feel better, balance hormones, and bring peace of mind.

See you then!