Slinkies are like…

By Esteal Streaker / March 16, 2019

Slinkies are like…

There are three very important things that our food nutrients need to do in our bodies.

  1. Produce energy in the cell and out of the cell
  2. Repair and grow the body
  3. Maintain balance structurally, biochemically, and energetically

And the one macronutrient that does all three is…

PROTEIN. A good target for daily intake is between 60 and 90 grams of protein a day. How are you doing on that?

Proteins are complicated bunches of amino acids that look something like a tangled slinky. So what is it that breaks these complicated bunches of amino acids down?

FOOD ENZYMES (special type of protein found in food), DIGESTIVE ENZYMES (special proteins made by our bodies), and STOMACH ACID (special combination of Hydrogen and Chloride that is sparked into being by the digestive enzymes made in the stomach cells).

So here’s the issue.

  1. If you eat cooked food, the enzymes in the food are destroyed, and become inert.
  2. If you are stressed out, in any way, your stomach cells can’t do their job. It’s like they are as upset as you are, and they don’t work and they won’t break down the protein effectively. The whole “I’m sick to my stomach” when you are stressed is an actual true physical thing.
  3.  If you are dumping stuff into your body that it doesn’t tolerate well, the inflammation in your intestinal lining, stomach and bowel won’t allow you to absorb the food you eat effectively.

If the above three things are true, then your VERY WISE BODY rallies your immune system to take care of all of the rogue rusted out “slinkies” roaming around your body. As well as everything else that may harm you.

Your body does this so you don’t die.
See? Your body is pretty miraculous.

Time to get to the true cause of your symptoms.

Give me a call! Let’s get to the bottom of those things your doc hasn’t been able to figure out. Not because docs are bad. No, I love docs. They saved my husband’s life, by repairing his aortic valve and arch in 2012. They saved my life by removing my ruptured spleen in 2008. But the bottom line is that the science of nutrition is usually not their specialty.

Figure out what you can’t digest, and you might just get rid of one of the greatest stressor on your health. Undigested or partially digested food. 

When I do my non-invasive palpation exam on you, I can tell you if you are struggling with protein, carbohydrates, or fats, or all three. I can tell you if your immune system is on full alert. I can tell you if your lymphatic system is full of garbage.

Let’s do this! Schedule your palpation exam soon, so you can get to the root cause of your symptoms!