20 point drop in cholesterol?! Naturally?! Yaasss!!!!!

By Esteal Streaker /December 14, 2019


Remember when the docs were telling us to lower our dietary cholesterol? Eggs are bad! No saturated fats! If you have high cholesterol, you must reduce your fat intake!

Current awareness is the polar opposite.

One of my clients had total cholesterol levels of 285, wayabove the recommended levels of less than 200. In an attempt to avoid getting on cholesterol lowering drugs, we
began working together in August using nutrition and enzyme therapy. Now, mind you, I have only been her cheerleader, and coach; she has done ALL the work.

And she has done a brilliant job.


She’s not out of the woods yet, but if she stays the course, her lipid panel will be normal in pretty short order.

How did she do it?

  1. Improve the type of fat she is taking in. Olive oil, eggs, coconut oil, raw dehydrated nuts, avocados are all on the YES list.
  2. Take in the appropriate plant digestive enzyme. In her case, she needed extra lipase. Now, don’t go running out to get the first bottle of digestive enzymes you see in stores. Not all enzymes are created equal. In addition, everyone is an experiment of one, so make sure you get with a great enzyme
    therapist who can help you figure your unique Personalized Nutrition Plan out. (LIKE ME!)
  3. she improved her fiber intake, so that she was efficiently eliminating the waste created by her already overworked liver.
  4. Clean up the refined starches, grains and sugars so she can thin out the bile that is so necessary for emulsifying the unnecessary cholesterol made by her liver.
  5. Drink more water, and eliminate hidden sugar drinks!

This is just a simple beginning. Everybody’s health issues can be multi-faceted, so PLEASE, PLEASE,
don’t just STOP taking a medication, or change your diet drastically without talking to a health professional.

All the same, if we get out of our own way, our bodies do work towards healing. If you have cholesterol issues, and are sick and tired of being sick and tired, I’d love to help with your nutritional and enzymatic deficiencies.